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The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has established the Drone Rules, 2021, setting the guidelines for drone usage within India. It's now a requirement to undergo Drone Pilot Training to operate any drone weighing over 250 grams. Flying a drone without the necessary certification could lead to severe penalties, including substantial fines, the seizure of the drone, and potentially jail time.

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Earn your Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC)

As a DGCA-certified Remote Pilot Training Organisation (RPTO), we're qualified to provide the training you need. Once you successfully complete your training with us, you'll receive your Drone/Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC), enabling you to legally pilot your drone.

What is a Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC)?

In order to fly a drone under Drone Rules, 2021, , all drone operators must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) accredited by DGCA through the aid of an approved Remote Pilot Training Organization (RPTO). In a layman’s term, the remote pilot certification is like a driver’s license for a remote pilot. This certificate is introduced to ensure that before any drone takes off into the air, the remote pilot that is in charge of the drone understands the regulations, operating requirements and procedures for safely flying these drones. This certification entails both theory and practical training and requires prospective remote pilots to pass a written and practical exam. If you are looking to fly a drone, regardless of the purpose, you will need to obtain the remote pilot certificate from DGCA.

What are the BENEFITS of having a Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC)?


    Do you know how to obtain approvals from respective agencies to fly your drone? Do you know what is the paperwork involved in obtaining the approval? Do you know of the different types of mission planning? Do you know the importance and benefits of recording your flight hours? This knowledge can play in your favor. It could help you land a job in the drone industry and also increase your reliability as a remote pilot in the eyes of your clients or employer.


    Even if you’re social circle does not care about drones, for pure bragging rights alone, the competency certificate is worth it. The advantages far outweigh the cost and time taken to obtain the competency certificate. In most cases, you will recoup those losses in no too long once you are able to take your drone business to new heights with the help of your remote pilot competency certificate. With the competency certificate, you are also able to fly confidentially without the fear of authorities coming and grounding you.


    With the remote pilot competency certificate, you can now fly a drone for hire. Paying gigs include photography, media, and mapping. Many other industries also use drones, although more sophisticated equipment and expertise are required. Not far down the lane, vertical take-off and landing aircrafts may manipulate the skies. The industry may need remote pilots to fly those aircrafts and a remote pilot certificate of competency could be your stepping stone into this branch of the drone industry.

How to get the remote pilot competency certification?

The pre-requisite for RPC training are:

  • Minimum age is 18 years old.
  • 10th pass
  • Be fit mentally and physically.

To get a better idea on the program:

  • Attend a free workshop by us!
  • Understand the requirements
  • Register with us.
  • Join our flexible training schedule.

Need help?

We understand it can be confusing. Call one of our training consultants to help answer your questions. Our training team is ready to assist!

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Why choose us?

Reasons that make Asia Soft Lab the BEST Drone
Training Provider in South India.

Kerala’s First, India’s first affiliation with International certification body and DGCA certified

We are Kerala’s first DGCA accredited drone academy and we are also Asia’s first certified drone program to offer micro digital credentials from City & Guilds, UK via our affiliation partner SG Education Group Malaysia.. City & Guilds is a UK accreditation body whose accreditation is given based of competency and is international recognition.

Easy and engaging training modules

The training modules are carefully designed by professional drone pilots for easy understanding and are delivered in an engaging manner.

A comprehensive drone-training course

Unlike other drone training programs that only focuses on the flying element, we help you master the hardware and firmware that goes into executing a successful and safe drone operation.

Real world experience

You are able to engage with drone operators that are industry based and learn key techniques based of real-life scenarios.

Taught by drone experts

Training is conducted by professional drone experts with over 2500 flight hours and experience over 100 corporate projects with our clients under their belt.

Hands-on training

We put emphasis on hands on training thus limiting our classes to a ratio of 5 Dronetroopers per trainer. We believe with this ratio, we are able to give more attention to each Dronetrooper, ensuring that proper and safe training is conducted.


DGCA Certified RPC Course

Remote Pilot Training Certificate

Elevate Your Skills, Rule the Skies:

Dive into the realm of drones with our 7-day DGCA Certified RPC Course. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this comprehensive program covers Drone Rules and Regulations, Theory, Simulation, and Ground Classes. Whether you're a hobbyist or aspiring to make a mark in the drone industry, this course, available for anyone with a 10th-grade education or higher, is your runway to success. Take off into a promising future with a solid foundation in drone operations

Certification : DGCA Certified RPC

Duration : 7 Days

Fee : Rs.39,960.00

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Drone Agriculture Spraying

Remote Pilot Training Certificate

Revolutionize Farming with Precision:

Step into the future of agriculture with our 2-day specialized Drone Agriculture Spraying course. Tailored for RPC holders, this program teaches Manual Spraying, Mapping, and Autonomous operations, transforming traditional farming methods. Embrace technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainable farming practices. Join us to lead the green revolution with advanced drone technology.

Certification : MG University, Kottayam Competency Certificate & Institute of Drone Technology Australia

Duration : 2 Days

Fee : Rs.4,440.00

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Drone Data Processing (RGB+Photogrammetry)

Remote Pilot Training Certificate

Unlock the Potential of Aerial Data:

Explore the world of drone data with our 15-day intensive course in Drone Data Processing, focusing on RGB and Photogrammetry. Master the art of converting aerial images into detailed maps and 3D models using specific software. Open to individuals with a 10th-grade education or above, this program equips you with the skills to process and analyze drone data for various applications, from mapping to surveying. Elevate your expertise and become a sought-after professional in the growing field of drone technology.

Certification : MG University, Kottayam Competency Certificate & Institute of Drone Technology Australia

Duration : 15 Days

Fee : Rs.29,600.00

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Drone Data Processing (RGB+Photogrammetry+LiDAR)

Remote Pilot Training Certificate

Master Advanced Aerial Data Techniques:

Take your drone data skills to new heights with our 21-day advanced course covering RGB, Photogrammetry, and LiDAR. This program, open to individuals with a 10th-grade education or above, delves deeper into the sophisticated world of aerial data acquisition and analysis. Learn to harness the power of LiDAR technology combined with photogrammetry to create unparalleled high-resolution maps and 3D models. Position yourself at the forefront of drone data science and pave your way to becoming an industry leader.

Certification : MG University, Kottayam Competency Certificate & Institute of Drone Technology Australia

Duration : 21 Days

Fee : Rs.35,520.00

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Drone Repair and Maintenance Course

Remote Pilot Training Certificate

Become a Drone Tech Expert:

Empower yourself with the essential skills to keep drones flying high with our 15-day Drone Repair and Maintenance Course. Perfect for individuals with a basic education (10th pass and above), this hands-on program teaches you to disassemble, reassemble, test, troubleshoot, and maintain various drone components. From soldering electronic components to diagnosing common errors, become the go-to expert for drone upkeep and ensure the longevity and reliability of these cutting-edge machines.

Certification : MG University, Kottayam Competency Certificate & Institute of Drone Technology Australia

Duration : 15 Days

Fee : Rs.18,000.00

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RPAS/Drone Certification Programme

Remote Pilot Training Certificate

Embark on a Comprehensive Drone Mastery Journey:

Transform your passion for drones into a rewarding career with our extensive 3-month RPAS/Drone Certification Programme. This all-encompassing course covers everything from Drone Rules and Regulations to advanced topics like Autonomous Flying, Mission Planning, and sophisticated Data Processing techniques including RGB, Photogrammetry, and LiDAR. Designed for individuals with a 10th-grade education or higher, this program is a deep dive into the world of drones, offering unparalleled expertise and opening doors to numerous opportunities in the drone industry..

Certification : DGCA Certified RPC + MG University, Kottayam Competency Certificate & Institute of Drone Technology Australia

Duration : 3 Months

Fee : Rs.97,680.00

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